Download PDFDownload the Customer Return Request Form

Should the sound suppressor require repair or modification, the owner should contact AWC Systems Technology by telephone because many problems can be handled without returning the unit. If it is determined that the suppressor should be returned to the manufacturer for repair or modification, our representatives will provide you the appropriate shipping location. ALL returns must include a completed Customer Return Request Form.

If repairs are required due to a defect in manufacturing or materials during the warranty period, there will be no charge for repairs. Otherwise, the cost may include both time and materials required.


AWC warrants that all sound suppressors manufactured by them are free of defects in materials or workmanship for a period of one year from the date of the initial transfer from the manufacturer to first transferee. The warranty covers defects discovered during normal use of the sound suppressor and excludes the exterior finish. The company further disclaims liability for damage to internal parts caused by disintegration of partially jacketed bullets, neglect, abuse, and damage due to misalignment of the suppressor when used on a weapon other than the one to which the suppressor was fitted.

The warranty is voided by unapproved modification of the suppressed weapon system or with use of ammunition recommended.

AWC Systems Technology further denies any liability resulting from the use, abuse, or criminal misuse of this product.