Having spent the last 30 years building high-quality products to a remarkably broad spectrum of shooters and clientele, we can say that we’ve literally seen it all. Many of the technologies that are commonly used in suppressed weapons were pioneered and developed by AWC Systems Technology. Over the years, our development of symmetric baffling, asymmetric baffling, initial blast containment, wipe-less end baffles, gas-jet redirection channeling, heat displacement path control, barrel harmonics, and our utilization of advanced materials has helped us design the quietest and most durable suppressors on the market. Plus, we have probably destroyed more suppressors during our “Fire-to-Failure” testing than many of today’s suppressor manufacturers have built in a lifetime.

AWC is, as it always was, one of America’s oldest, most respected purveyors of suppressors and tactical weaponry. We take great pride in what our work has meant to the sportsman and professionals who use our products, whether to protect their hearing or accomplish their missions. We understand the needs of our customers and work hard to develop new products to exceed their expectations. Our work in development has never stopped – and for good reason. Our developmental success is the reason that AWC customers are lifelong clients. With a constant development cycle, we can ensure our customers a high-quality, durable silencer that will last them a lifetime.